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National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Final Report

The Family Information Liaison Unit

If you have questions about your missing and murdered loved ones Family Information Liaison Unit (FILU) members work directly with families to gather information from government services and agencies, such as child protection, polices services and coroner’s offices, to address outstanding questions about the loss of their loved ones.

For more information about the services they offer or to find a contact near you, call MMIWG Worker at 1-437-246-7902

Reconciliation with Indigenous Women

ONWA’s Recommendations for the National Action Plan to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls.

This report embodies critical recommendations that must be integrated into the national Action Plan to address violence against Indigenous women and girls. Indigenous women are at the center of our families and communities. We need to be at the center of the National Action Plan.


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MMIWG Art & Poetry

I’ve included traditional icons such as rows of jingle dress cones, braided sweetgrass, the Thunderbird symbol, arrowhead, flowers and strawberries, the moon and stars and the red handprint.
Ceramic dish created at the MUSE by Melissa Skead (Okimaa Beadwork & More By Melly)


Boozhoo, Kaydance indizhinikaaz, I am 16 years old and I am from Wauzhushk Onigum Nation. This is a poem I made when I was 13, it’s called Blackout Poetry.



Here we are midst Pandemic, who would have known this time last year,
We would be midst global crisis so very severe

Here we are eight months into a Global Pandemic,
Still dealing with Racism, which is Systemic

Two Years ago Reports were delivered with Recommendations,
After many lengthy Investigations

Into the sudden deaths of our Youths,
So many lies & untold truths!

Our Brothers, Sister’s, Son’s & Daughter’s
Family, Friends, Father’s & Mother’s 

You were taken too soon from us ALL
Why does the Government continue to STALL?

Reconciliation.   Reconciliation??  Reconciliation???? 


Boil Water Advisories for over 25 years??
For some in Power, that is a whole Career!

Would you want to raise your child like this?
This is no way to live & exist!

Here we are now, due to your failure to ACT,
In your City, still being attacked.

Why can’t you look & see the facts?
We are NOT like you we are Indigenous & Black!!

Where is the Justice?   Where is the Justice???   Where is the JUSTICE???

Where is the JUSTICE for

Joyce, George, Tina, Sandra, Colten & Barbara to name only a few?
We will continue to fight for JUSTICE for All of YOU!!

MMIWGMB – we will continue to remember & Honour you in the upcoming years;
On Special days like today, Birthdays, Anniversaries & Holidays, there will be tears.

Mental Health, Suicides, Poverty & Homelessness, you wonder why?
Four words for you here,


I will reply.

Homelessness, Violence, Racism & Unemployment rates are sky high…
Why doesn’t the Indian Act here apply?

They took our land, our Rights, our Women, our Children, our Culture, our Ceremony & our Language,
Until you have gone through this, you will never personally understand the Hurt, the Pain & the Anguish.

The Government needs to STOP Making excuses & find a Solution.
Don’t even get me started on Climate Change & Pollution!!

Have you ever lost everything you loved, cherished, held dear & true?
Again, it’s hard to understand unless you have personally been through.

I lost my children to CAS many years ago now, due to the ongoing domestic violence by a man,
To this day, he denies, blames me, refuses to admit, yet, here I am Taking a Stand!


Chi Miigwetch
Tracey MacKinnon
Community Cultural Consultant
Green Party of Canada
Thunder Bay – Rainy River District



It was her heartbeat that I missed the most
The thunderous power within her

It was true
She danced to the sound of her own beat
Flew on the winds with her own wings
Sometimes those winds took her on a journey
Where we couldn’t be sure of her safety
Our spirits would cry to bring her home to us
Sighing with relief the many times in which she did
She didn’t come home
No matter how much we pleaded
Through our hearts and minds
Bodies and souls

She couldn’t find her way back to us

Just because she may have lost her way at times
Didn’t mean she wasn’t a powerful force
It didn’t mean you could take her
She was so much more
Don’t you understand?

A loving soul
A Human being
My Mother

I think its her heartbeat that I miss the most
The thunderous power within her
That gave life
To Me

Dynelle Wolfe

*This poem was written for all the children who lost their Mother’s. This is their voice. I have known people close to me who have lost their family members and mothers.
(One particular woman who I also saw as a mother figure as well.)
Spirit has called for me to put myself in their moccasins and be their voice.*

Thank You