The Youth Initiative is an ambitious group from the Treaty #3 area that want a voice for the future of Indigenous youth within the communities. The initiative is comprised of a talented, educated, passionate, collaborative assembly of young people that understand the challenges faced by youth.

Their backgrounds are diverse, with a wide variety of experiences that make them qualified to be part of the initiative. They encourage engagement and feedback to help other young adults with any decision making, advocacy, education or counselling. They also act as a liaison between Chief and Council.

Jessica Lee (Migisi Sahgaigan) | Ernest Cobiness Jr. (Buffalo Point) | Mia Seymour (Naongashiing) | Geryt Seymour (Naongashiing)

Their mandate is to work with various organizations including the Ministry of Child and Youth Services regarding Treaty #3 child care/welfare laws. They also attend Chief’s assemblies, meetings and gatherings and hold engagement sessions of their own. Their vision is to visit schools to learn from their peers and provide guidance and to further develop the marginalized voice of the youth.

They welcome feedback and assistance in event planning and creating more awareness and communication of their endeavours and the Youth Initiative as a whole.

They believe that there is a mindset where older generations want to continue to have the youth remain in their communities, where the younger generation wants to explore options. A balance has to be established between historical culture and language, and a modern society. The Youth Initiative understands the challenges faced by youth in Treaty #3 communities. They also encourage the youth to hold their own events, and to have their voices heard. Small events can help raise awareness.

There is also a challenge to fund events and the Youth Initiative welcomes assistance with funding or ideas on how to better facilitate a broader range of events, communication and engagement.

Bill C-92... so what? A toolkit for youth by youth.

This toolkit includes information about Bill C-92, the Ontario Child, Youth and Family Services Act 2017, and Abinoojii Inakonigewin, as well as helpful resources and checklists to answer any questions you may have.

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Youth Transitional Kit

In relation to the concerns for Youth who transitioning and moving away to find work or attend school it was envisioned that a Youth Toolkit be developed to assist youth in accessing resources to support them.

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