Launch of Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit

Grand Council Treaty #3 and the Territorial Planning Unit, in partnership with Treaty #3 Communities and Knowledge Keepers is pleased to announce the official launch of the Treaty #3 Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit. The Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit was mandated by the Treaty #3 Chiefs in Assembly through resolutions CA-19-26, to educate everyone on the significance and process of Manito Aki Inakonigewin. This document continues the work and commitment of the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 to the protection, preservation and respect for Mother Earth and all relations.

The Manito Aki Inaakonigewin (MAI) toolkit is a document that encompasses the spirit, intent, and all of the efforts pursued to further the law. The toolkit outlines key principles that guide us in decision making in the Treaty #3 Territory and will support implementation of Manito Aki Inaakonigewin. As the law of the Nation, the toolkit will ensure the protection and preservation of inherent and treaty rights. It is designed for the Nation and Treaty #3 communities to further our understandings of our responsibilities to the land and provide guidance for government, communities, leadership and proponents upon operating within the Treaty #3 territory.

To support the relationship between Treaty #3, proponents, crown and others the Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit has been developed for everyone. In order to support the relationship, the Toolkit has been created to build relationships, build partnerships, guide communication, protect the environment, protect sacred sites, and protect ceremonial sites throughout Treaty #3. As well, the Information Package will strengthen and guide Treaty #3 on internal processes, joint harmonization, implementation processes and on operationalization for all current and future projects

“Every proponent and the Crown seeking to perform an action and/or an activity in Treaty #3 Territory is subject to the laws of the Nation and the laws of Treaty #3 communities,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh. “The MAI toolkit ensures that the framework and protocols for adherence to the Nation’s laws is available for everyone to understand and learn, this will support the Nation in protecting the environment and our inherent rights moving forward.”

The Territorial Planning Unit would like to acknowledge the foundational work done by Treaty #3 Elders, Knowledge Keepers and leadership with Manito Aki Inakonigewin as this Toolkit could not have been created without deep knowledge and connection to aki and nibi. The TPU would also like to acknowledge the work of Youth Executive Council member Winter Lipscombe for the design of the MAI toolkit.

This will support the continuation of knowledge transfer in written form of Anishinaabe Inaakonigewin and be used to guide future policy and decision-making processes in all areas of resource development. Following the toolkit goals, it is our hope, as Grand Council Treaty #3, that the Toolkit will strengthen and support your sacred and personal connection and relationship with Aki and Mother Earth today and moving forward.


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PDF – February 22, 2023 – Launch of Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit