Grand Council Treaty #3 encourages business planning and offers resources to:

  • Determine expected start-up costs for new business and economic development.
  • Provide for due diligence in advance of business acquisitions and business allocation, including direction for legalities, permits, funding opportunities and feasibility.
  • Provide careful consideration of potential environmental impacts, and encourage sustainability.
  • Encourage new products, initiatives and process development.
  • Work with Tribal Councils to develop the capacity to fund activities for the purpose of transferring knowledge and/or expertise, and to assist member First Nations in strengthening and maintaining their capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives.
  • Determine financial implications of new technologies to improve operations and competitive edge prior to implementation.
  • Consider operating costs in addition to capital costs and related cash flow implications
  • Provide or connect members with proper resources for financial services, business support, business-related training, tax advice and mentoring services
  • Work with the 9 communities that have expressed struggles with lack of a land use policy or land code, and have identified this as a barrier to business development in their community.

Economic Drivers and Leaders Within Treaty #3

Bimose Tribal Council

Bimose Tribal Council Inc. is a First Nation service provider that supports 10 communities in the Treaty # 3 region.

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Miisun Integrated Resource Management Company

Miisun Integrated Resource Management Company is a 100% owned First Nations resource consulting company that specializes in resource management. Miisun utilizes an integrated resource management approach that respectfully incorporates First Nations knowledge and values and public involvement in order to ensure a healthy, sustainable and resilient working forest.

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Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services’ mission is to provide advisory services and training to enhance the management skills and business opportunities.

The Executive Directors of the Fort Frances Chiefs Secretariat and Pwi-di-goo-zing Ne-yaa-zhing Advisory amalgamated their services due to financial cut backs by INAC.

Political function is currently being addressed by Pwi-di-goo-zing Ne-yaa-zhing Advisory Services.  Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services works with the First Nations to build capacity, provide training, and provide services that can’t  be access locally but are collectively used ie. Membership, housing inspection, IT, fire prevention, finance, water and wastewater, etc..

The political function attempts to influence policy affecting First Nations ie. Housing, Infrastructure, climate change, access to capital, education, health, child and family services, policing, cultural preservation, etc. that affect the life of our citizens.  They also advocate on behalf of economic interests and needs.

Pwi-di-goo-zing Ne-yaa-zhing Advisory currently participates in Treaty initiatives such as the Tri-Lateral Committee to end Long Term Boil Water Advisories in Ontario.  They also participate in the agencies’ Executive Director discussions regarding political function and programs affecting the people and the development of strategic plans. 

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services strives to be a role model by:

  • being accountable,
  • striving for excellence, and
  • showing leadership in all that they do.

Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services provide professional, effective and responsive services that respect and reflect the Anishinabe cultural beliefs, traditions and practices.

For more information about Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing Ne-Yaa-Zhing Advisory Services please visit their website.

Treaty 3 Investment Group

The Treaty #3 Investment Corporation is the dream and vision of the leadership of Grand Council Treaty #3.

The development and implementation of the Investment Corporation will bring together all the First Nations of Treaty #3 as investors, stakeholders and business owners.

In 2011, The Treaty #3 Chiefs in Assembly passed a resolution supporting formation of an economic development strategy for Treaty #3.  In 2012, the Treaty #3 Chiefs in Assembly passed a resolution that provided the mandate to implement the next phase of the Investment Corporation.

In 2014, the resolution failed to pass due to the request for initial seed investment, however Myers Norris and Penny was contracted to develop a business plan for the investment corporation in 2015, and there was an engagement session held in February that year.

After the recent Economic Development Forum in March of 2017, legal representation confirmed the governance model, structure, policies and tax planning. Funding has been requested to ensure Grand Council Treaty #3 can facilitate the hiring of a lead person to operate the Investment Corporation.

With the Treaty #3 Investment Group, there will be opportunity to develop new business, purchase existing businesses and create joint ventures and partnerships as well as create employment for members. Sharing ideas, working together and building resources will lead to economic success and growth. Returns on investment, wealth generation, and the ability to leverage additional resources will build a legacy for future generations.

Economic Development Forum (March 2017) Results:

  • Unanimous interest in investing into the Treaty #3 Investment Group
  • There is a need for additional information and discussions at a First Nation level to understand the corporation, including First Nation involvement and accountability
  • Majority would like to ensure adequate profit is shared equally
  • Investment into sustainable economies


  • Expand the Treaty #3 Regional Economic Strategy to include further work surrounding Education and Workforce Development, Communications and Marketing, Strategic Relations, and Partnership Development
  • Develop high level departmental relationships to leverage Northern Ontario Funding
  • Continue to pursue government funding to fund the regional economic strategy and secure operational dollars for the investment corporation
  • Build alliances with partner corporations, First Nations and organizations for investment.
  • Develop and determine investment corporation structure, membership structure of the corporation, inaugural directors of the corporation and initial investment into the corporation
  • Gain community “Buy In” and move forward with establishment of corporation.
  • Grand Council Treaty #3 continues to seek other sources of funding to support the Treaty 3 Investment Group operational costs.
  • Fall 2017 scheduled for Treaty #3 Investment Group to become operational and EDO/CEO hired.
  • An Economic Development working group is to be established. The working group’s function will be to develop and provide guidance to Grand Council Treaty #3 Economic Development Staff and make way for more formalized board structure.
  • Develop a solid business plan that includes financial projections for administration operating vs. equity costs for year 1 and year 2.
  • Provide a timeline for opt-in and opt-out process
  • Establish governance and stakeholder structure (Currently being reviewed and revised by Pitblado LLP).
  • Outline clear tangible activities and results for Year 1 and 2, that includes office location.


  • Politics
  • Engaging Youth
  • Access to Money
  • Commitment from First Nations
  • Lack of Education
  • Location
  • Lack of financial management and business capacity
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Policies not developed yet

Treaty #3 Investment Group 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

The Treaty #3 Investment Group is governed by Board of Directors consisting of qualified business people from the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3. The 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan recognizes the accomplishments made by the Development Corporation to date and provides direction towards the continued commitment of Leadership to work collectively to strengthen the community for its future generations.

T3IG Strategic Plan (PDF)