Grand Council Treaty #3’s overall goal is the protection, preservation and enhancement of Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

The Grand Council Treaty #3 existed in the territory of the Anishinaabe Nation, key to Canadian Confederation in that the British wanted to plan a route between Fort Garry and Fort William (now Winnipeg, MB and Thunder Bay, ON respectively).

Grand Council Treaty #3 was planned to be the first post-Confederation treaty, but the Anishinaabe held firm that they would not cede lands, nor allow farming or settlement, in their territory. On October 3, 1873, the 55,000 square miles of territory agreed to be shared between the Anishinaabe and the British.

The Chiefs negotiated, among other things, that British “business” would be allowed within the entire territory, and that both the land and resources would be shared between Anishinaabe and the British as “brothers.”

Grand Council Treaty #3 is 55,000 sq. miles spanning from west of Thunder Bay to north of Sioux Lookout, along the international border, to the province of Manitoba.

It is made up of 28 First Nation communities, with a total population of approximately 25,000.


Our Communities

Animakee Wa Zhing
Chief Jim Major

Asubpeeschoseewagong (Grassy Narrows)
Chief Rudy Turtle

Buffalo Point

Chief Brian Perrault

Iskatewizaagegan 39
Chief Gerald Lewis

Lac des Mille Lacs
Chief Judy WhiteCloud

Lac La Croix
Chief Michael Ottertail

Lac Seul
Chief Derek Maud

Migisi Sahgaigan (Eagle Lake)
Chief Arnold Gardner

Mishkosiminiziibiing (Big Grassy)
Chief Lynn Indian

Chief Janice Henderson

Naicatchewenin (Northwest Bay)
Chief Wayne Smith

Naongashiing (Big Island)
Chief Wesley Big George

Naotkamegwanning (Whitefish bay)
Chief Howard Kabestra

Nigigoonsiminikaaning (Red Gut)
Chief Will Windigo

Niisaachewan (Dalles)
Chief Lorraine Cobiness

Northwest Angle 33
Chief Darlene Comegan

Onigaming (Sabaskong)
Chief Candi Kelly

Rainy River (Manitou Rapids)
Chief Rob McGinnis

Sagkeeng (Fort Alexander)
Chief Derrick Henderson

Chief Edward Machimity

Seine River
Chief Carrie Boshkaykin

Shoal Lake 40
Chief Vernon Redsky

Waabigoniiw Saaga’iganiiw (Wabigoon Lake)
Chief Esther Pitchenese

Wabaseemoong (Whitedog)
Chief Waylon Scott

Chief Doug Riffel

Washagamis Bay
Chief Marilyn Sinclair

Wauzhushk Onigum (Rat Portage)
Chief Chris Skead

Our Territory

Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh Grand Chief Grand Council Treaty #3

Ogichidaa Kavanaugh is from the Sturgeon clan of Naotkamegwanning First Nation where he resides with his wife of 49 years, Betty, along with his four children and seven grandchildren.

Ogichidaa Kavanaugh can be reached by contacting his Political Executive Assistant, Kristine Reynard at (807) 464-4770.

Francis Kavanaugh was re-elected as Grand Chief “Ogichidaa” of the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 by a Traditional Selection Process on October 1, 2019. This is the first time a Grand Chief was selected for a third term to serve the citizens of Grand Council Treaty #3. Ogichidaa Kavanaugh from Naotkamegwanning First Nation is currently serving his second consecutive term and his third term all together.

Ogichidaa Kavanaugh was honoured by the traditional selection process, and acknowledges the trust and responsibility placed on him by the leadership of Treaty #3. Ogichidaa Kavanaugh has been involved with Grand Council Treaty #3 for over 40 years, and previously served as Grand Chief of Grand Council Treaty #3 from 1997-1999 during which time he was instrumental in the Treaty #3 Governance Initiative.

Throughout his career, Francis has held a variety of positions within the Nation including, Executive Director at Grand Council Treaty #3, Ojibway Tribal Family Services and a few terms on Council in his home community of Naotkamegwanning.

Ogichidaa Kavanaugh commits to working with the administration and the leadership of Grand Council Treaty #3 to address current challenges of mental health and addiction, housing, policing, child welfare and educational inequities facing member First Nation communities, while honouring our sacred responsibilities to the land and the water.

Youth, Women & Men Councils

Obishkiniigiig Council

Youth Council

Liam George, Naongashiing
Winter Lipscombe, Wauzhushk Onigum
Kayla Morrison, Ojibways of Onigaming
Ernie Cobiness Jr., Buffalo Point

Visit our Page: Youth Initiative


Women‘s Council

Women’s Council

Anita Collins, Seine River
Catherine Green, Shoal Lake #40
Mona Gordon, Obishikokaang (Lac Seul)
Priscilla Simard, Couchiching

Men's Council

Men’s Council

Andrew Johnson, Seine River
Daryl Redsky, Shoal Lake #40
Nathaniel Councillor, Naicatchewenin
Bill Petiquan, Wabauskang

Treaty #3 Chief Committees


Chief Rudy Turtle (Chair)
Chief Doug Riffel (Co-Chair)
Chief Michael Ottertail
Chief Brian Perrault
Chief Wesley Big George
Chief Howard Kabestra
Chief Jim Major

Issue Categories: Health, Childcare, Social Services, Education & Training


Chief Will Windigo (Chair)
Chief Arnold Gardner (Co-Chair)
Chief Vernon Redsky
Chief Rob McGinnis
Chief Gerald Lewis
Chief Waylon Scott
Chief Lorraine Cobiness

Issue Categories: Water, Mining, Forestry, Land Management, Medicines, Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Climate Change


Chief Lynn Indian (Chair)
Chief Candi Kelly (Co-Chair)
Chief Chris Skead
Chief Carrie Boshkaykin
Chief Derek Maud
Chief Andrea Camp
Chief Edward Machimity

Issue Categories: TARR, Indian Residential Schools, History, Sports & Recreation, Citizenship, Justice & Policing, Parks & Museums, Anishinaabemowin, Arts


Chief Derrick Henderson (Chair)
Chief Darlene Comegan (Co-Chair)
Chief Marilyn Sinclair
Chief Esther Pitchenese
Chief Judy Whitecloud
Chief Wayne Smith
Chief Janice Henderson

Issue Categories: Small Business, T3 Investment Group, Infrastructure, Housing, Energy, Trade