Justice Department

Kaakewaaseya means “good path” and it gives direction to the many programs operating under the umbrella of the Grand Council Treaty #3 Justice portfolio;

  • Community Justice
  • Youth Reintegration
  • Gladue Report Writers
  • Shanawentasoowin Program

Gladue Services

What is a Gladue Report?

Jamie Gladue, an Aboriginal woman, was charged with second-degree murder after she killed her fiancé. She was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.

The trial judge sentenced her to 3 years imprisonment. Jamie appealed her sentence unsuccessfully and continued her appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Supreme Court has recognized that the number of Anishinaabe people being sent to jail has increased significantly over the last several decades because of the racism Aboriginal people face within the justice system.

A Gladue Report is a document that gives the Judge information he/she needs to make the best decision possible when setting bail or sentence.

Role of Gladue:

  • To prepare and complete Gladue report, at the bail stage or sentencing stage, when a request is approved
  • To interview the Anishinaabe offender about his/her background information, his/her immediate family and extended family members, as well as, others from his/her community
  • To make recommendations for alternative sentencing, other imprisonment such as restorative justice, healing circles, culturally appropriate treatment options

Shanawentasoowin Program

What is the Shanawentasoowin program?

Shanawentasoowin is a method of Anishinaabe Dispute Resolution (AADR), using circles, held in the Grand Council Treaty #3 territory, to assist families and CAS agencies to find solutions concerning the care of children and youth.

Shanawentasoowin is intended to:

  • Provide a meaningful alternative to court
  • Be a less intrusive method of dealing with decisions about the care, protection of children
  • Provide an opportunity for family and community to work together to create a family plan

Contact Information:

Arthur Huminuk
Toll Free: 1-800-665-3384
Direct: 807-548-4214 ext.226
Fax: 807-548-5054

Robert Nelson
Anishinaabe Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Toll Free: 1-800-665-3384
Direct: 807-548-4214 ext.240
Fax: 807-548-5054

Beverly Williamson
Gladue Services Writer
Toll Free: 1-800-665-3384
Direct: 807-548-4214 ext.227
Fax: 807-548-5054

Cheryl Becker
Gladue Services Writer
Toll Free: 1-800-665-3384
Direct: 807-548-4214 ext.239
Fax: 807-548-5054

Grassy Narrows

Randy Fobister

Youth Reintegration Worker
Fax: 807-925-1080

Crystal Swain
Community Justice Coordinator
Faz: 807-925-1080

Lac Seul

Karen Ningewance
Youth Reintegration
Phone: 807-582-0001

Carla Slobozian
Community Justice Coordinator
Fax: 807-582-0002


Carla Smith
Community Justice Coordinator
Fax: 807-486-3704


David Kelly
Community Justice Coordinator
Direct: 807-484-2162 ext.222
Fax: 807-484-2737


Linda Cameron
Youth Reintegration Worker
Phone: 807-927-9965
Fax: 807-927-2203

Whitefish Bay

Linda Namaypoke
Youth Reintegration Worker
Direct: 807-226-1133 ext.204
Fax: 807-226-5389