Justice Department

Kaakewaaseya means “good path” and it gives direction to the many programs operating under the umbrella of the Grand Council Treaty #3 Justice portfolio;

  • Community Justice
  • Youth Reintegration
  • Indigenous Bail Verification & Supervision
  • Gladue Report Writers
  • Gladue Aftercare
  • Indigenous Support Network
  • Indigenous Justice Liaison
  • Traditional Justice Education

Community Justice Initiative

This project is the start of a Treaty #3 nation-wide strategy to develop Aboriginal community-based restorative justice approaches in our First Nations. Grand Council Treaty #3 Justice staff work directly with First Nations’ justice teams to divert pre- and post-charge offences in community-based processes in Grassy Narrows, Lac Seul, Naicatchewenin, Naotkamegwanning, Onigaming, Wabaseemoong, as well as the Rainy River First Nations.

The long-term goals are:

  • Support healing and accountability within communities
  • Reduce the number of Treaty #3 members charged and in jail


Youth Re-Integration Program

This program is the beginning of a nation-wide strategy to develop re-integration for youth through Aboriginal community-based restorative justice. Youth get an opportunity to receive help in the community through counselling supports, family support, and elder guidance.

The goals of this program are:

  • Promote healing and accountability within communities
  • Have our youth supported during and after probation
  • Reduce the number of Treaty #3 members charged and in jail


Indigenous Bail Verification and Supervision Program

Indigenous Bail Verification & Supervision is responsible for supervision of Bail Court orders, monitoring bail release conditions and providing support to Indigenous clients in the Program. It is meant to reduce the number of Aboriginal individuals awaiting trial in correctional facilities and to provide clients with an opportunity to access programs and services to address issues that contribute to criminal behaviour. 

To continue in the program, clients must agree: 

  • Twice weekly supervision
  • Comply with the conditions of release and the rules of the program
  • Work with the Bail Supervisor to determine a case plan

Clients can be referred to the Kaakewaaseya Justice Bail Supervision program by Duty Counsel, Lawyers, Jail staff, Crown’s office, themselves, or their family members when they are awaiting Bail remand.


Gladue Services 

What is a Gladue Report?

Jamie Gladue, an Aboriginal woman, was charged with second-degree murder after she killed her fiancé. She was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.

The trial judge sentenced her to 3 years’ imprisonment. Jamie appealed her sentence all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Supreme Court has recognized that the number of Aboriginal people being sent to jail has increased significantly over the last several decades because of the racism. Aboriginal people face within the justice system.

A Gladue Report is a document that gives the Judge information he/she needs to make the best decision possible when sentencing. 

Role of the Gladue Writer:

  • To prepare and complete Gladue report, at the bail stage or sentencing stage, when a request is approved
  • To interview the Aboriginal offender about his/her background information, his/her immediate family and extended family members, as well as, others from his/her community
  • To make recommendations for alternative sentencing, another imprisonment such as restorative justice, healing circles, culturally-appropriate treatment options


Gladue Aftercare

Gladue Aftercare is the second phase of the Gladue services program. The Aftercare workers assist Aboriginal community members to follow through with Gladue Report recommendations.

This Program exists because many clients may feel lost and disconnected while going through the justice system. They may feel confused about how to deal with their current situations or issues. Clients will be able to access supports, advice, and help that they may have otherwise not known about.


Indigenous Justice Liaison Coordinator

The IJLC provides several services to Anishinaabe people in the Treaty #3 area to help increase access to justice and advocate for First Nations Peoples in the Justice System, using restorative justice processes.

The IJLC can:

  • Provide information to First Nations regarding Legal Aid Services
  • Help throughout the Pardon Application Process
  • Promote Aboriginal people’s involvement in Jury Duty, including providing Jury Duty Education
  • Facilitate discussion and meetings with people in communities


Indigenous Support Network Coordinator

The Indigenous Support Network Coordinator will provide support to victims of crime to make justice meaningful and effective for people in the Treaty #3 community.

Services offered include:

  • Assisting in the development of a Victim services program that is culturally sensitive and holistic, with support and referrals in place within the communities
  • Providing clients and families with the tools, knowledge, and guidance for self-empowerment during their journey of healing
  • Assisting clients to have direct access too culturally appropriate services
  • Work closely with clients and communities, building strong, trusting relationships
  • Ensure clients’ immediate personal safety takes priority
  • Put social services in place to assist in the prevention of suicide and self-harm


Traditional Justice Education 

Anishinaabe Sacred Law

Before the Europeans came, we had our own way of governance. It is known as our Sacred Law. Our Elders are our advisors and keepers of these Sacred Teachings. The teachings were taught to us from childhood. Our identity was very crucial to every one of us. Our Spirit Name and Our Spirit clan were vital to our identity.

Our goal is to revitalize our Anishinaabe Sacred Law through: 

Placing Anishinaabe Sacred Law in the Anishinaabe Perspective, with the desire to promote the well-being of all Anishinaabe people, preserving an everlasting spirit of Anishinaabe within, with respect for all ways of healings.

Our objective is to reduce the rate of incarceration or prosecution of our Anishinaabe People through these practices.

Contact Information


Arthur Huminuk
Justice Director
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.201
Fax: 807-468-9739

Alicia McLeod
Justice Projects Assistant
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.202
Fax: 807-468-9739

Alison Napish
Bail Verification & Supervision Worker
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.206
Fax: 807-468-9739

Eagle White
Bail Verification & Supervision Worker
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.207
Fax: 807-468-9739

Beverly Williamson
Gladue Services Writer
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.203
Fax: 807-468-9739

Wendy Capri
Gladue Services Writer
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.205
Fax: 807-468-9739

Robert Nelson
Gladue Aftercare Worker
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.204
Fax: 807-468-9739

Wanda Marshall
Gladue Aftercare Worker
Direct: 807-468-2381 ext.208
Fax: 807-468-9739



Sherry Cameron
Indigenous Justice Liaison Worker
Direct: 807-223-1199 ext.1
Fax: 807-223-1195

Kelly Derosier
Bail Verification & Supervision Worker
Direct: 807-223-1199 ext.2
Fax: 807-223-1195

Jennifer Groves
Gladue Services Writer
Direct: 807-223-1199 ext.4
Fax: 807-223-1195

Maegan Gardner
Gladue Aftercare Worker
Direct: 807-223-1199 ext.3
Fax: 807-223-1195

Lisa Penner
Indigenous Support Network Coordinator
Direct: 807-223-1199 ext.5
Fax: 807-223-1195


Fort Frances

David Segerts
Community Justice Coordinator
Direct: 807-274-9920
Fax: 807-274-8426

Justin Boshey
Traditional Justice Educator
Direct: 807-274-9158
Fax: 807-274-8426

Cheryl Becker
Gladue Services Writer
Direct: 807-274-8314
Fax: 807-274-8426

Allison Badiuk
Gladue Aftercare Worker
Direct: 807-274-9543
Fax: 807-274-8426

Grassy Narrows

Crystal Swain
Community Justice Coordinator
Fax: 807-925-1080

Randy Fobister
Youth Reintegration Worker
Direct: 807-925-1081
Fax: 807-925-1080

Deborah Landon
Indigenous Support Network Coordinator
Fax: 807-925-1080


Lac Seul – Frenchman’s Head

Carla Slobozian
Community Justice Coordinator
Fax: 807-582-0002


Lac Seul – Kejick Bay

Karen Ningewance
Youth Reintegration Worker
Direct: 807-582-3211
Fax: 807-582-3493



Youth Reintegration Worker
Direct: 807-226-1133 ext.204



Community Justice Worker
Direct: 807-927-9960

Linda Cameron
Youth Reintegration Worker
Direct: 807-927-9960

Partner Offices


Carla Smith
Community Justice Coordinator
Direct: 807-486-3407
Fax: 807-486-3704



David Kelly
Community Justice Coordinator
Direct: 807-484-2162 ext.222
Fax: 807-484-2737