With respect to the 231 Calls to Action – MMIWG National Report

With respect to the 231 Calls to Action
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls National Report
Calls for Justice for All Governments: Justice
5.1 We call upon the federal government to review and reform the law about sexualized violence and intimate partner violence, utilizing the perspectives of feminist and Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people.
Calls for Health and Wellness Service Providers
7.1 We call upon all governments and health service providers to ensure that health and wellness services for Indigenous Peoples include supports for healing from all forms of unresolved trauma, including intergenerational, multigenerational, and complex trauma. Health and wellness programs addressing trauma should be Indigenous-led, or in partnership with Indigenous communities, and should not be limited in time or approaches.
Calls for Educators
11.1 We call upon all educational service providers to develop and implement awareness and education programs for Indigenous children and youth on the issue of grooming for exploitation and sexual exploitation.
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