Spooky Stories Contest Winners Announced

We’ve compiled the spookiest stories Treaty #3 youth had to offer, from witches and ghosts to stalkers and flight attendants, read them all here! Congratulations to our winners:

Written: Rylan Ottertail- Lac La Croix
Drawn: Talia Morrison- Lac La Croix
Audio/Video: Isabella Starr- Naongashiing


Grand Council Treaty #3 Spooky Story Entries


Talia Morrison

Erika Morrison

Colbie Walton


Avery Bananish, grade 4.

Warnings: blood and gore

 Title: A Dangerous Journey

The witch on a full moon walked in a big scary dark woods. When she was walking through the woods the witch felt breathing on her ankle. She did not mind until she felt pain on her leg she looked down with her flashlight and ther it was a bat on her leg scratching She was shaking her leg back and forth but it would not budge so after it was off she ran out of there but when she was running she tripped over a hand she got up and screamed “ahh a hand!” she ran again but she tripped over something even worse. She tripped over a dead dog the was blood everywhere so she screamed and ran. Finally she made it out but that’s not it, she saw pumpkins and moving skeletons… they always let go of things in the night so she had time to escape. Hope you liked it. The end.


Halle Wocknitz, age 12

Warnings: none

Title: Pt 1 Horror house

      ——–Charlotte’s Pov——–

I woke up to a beeping sound, it was very annoying and it hurt my ears. I mumbled “Okay okayy, im upp-” as i got up from my bed, I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I know I’ve been sleeping through my alarm for a while, so I glanced over at the time. ‘Oh it’s 8:15, oh heck! It’s 8:15’ as I scrambled to get my stuff together I sprayed some dry shampoo on, without thinking I packed it in my bag as well as some cigarettes and a lighter. I ran outside as soon as the bus was leaving ‘shoot i might have to take the car’ I mumbled to myself, the bus left so I didn’t have any other choice, so I ran in to get the keys and start the car. -((On the drive))-  As I turned a corner I seen the school so I kept driving and once i got to the parking lot, i bolted inside and ran into class, everyone turned to me it was really embarrassing, i tightened my grip on my bag as I felt eyes following me. I quietly put my bag into my locker and crept to my seat.  Awhile later on break I heard snickering coming from the back of the classroom I turned around to see that Drew was spraying my dry shampoo all over Andy and some douce was lightning a cigarette, I rolled my eyes and turned back around, then suddenly I heard cries of pain so I turned around and i saw flames, my heart raced so i turned to Drew, but he was frozen, he started crying and yelling “im sorry!” over and over again. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his forehead glistened with sweat, he was having a panic attack…

… To be continued…


Haven Walton, age 13

Warnings: None

Title: The Bolonie Man

Author’s note: This is how i spell Bologna cause that is blatantly wrong and i firmly believe it should be spelled bolonie

One day a slice of bolonie was accidentally brought into a fight with a Windigo and medicine man The medicine man came out victorious and the Windigo spirit was placed vanquished into the slice of bologna, and the bolonie arose and became sentient.  But it was the equivalent of a human baby so the medicine man decided to raise it as his own in hopes to change it. As the years went on the spirit was becoming more and more human like but witnessed a battle of the medicine man and a Windigo and then and there he realized he was a powerful Windigo and flew into a murderous rage killing everyone in the village after many years the v was able to mold it’s bolonie into its former form and it now wonders the forest waiting for its next victim to devour.


Nathan Bananish, age 12

Warnings: None

Title: None

One day I was walking to school in the morning and for some reason I felt like I was being watched. The reserve looked so dead, unfinished house’s, leaves falling from the trees. Strong wind, cloudy skies, no people or cars out. It felt like i was alone, then at the corner of my eye I saw something peek around the corner, i thought it wasn’t anything. As I arrived at the school I got a message from my mom, she said “school got shut down, there’s a skinwalker on the loose. Get home now” as I was walking home I heard leaves rustling on my left. I started walking a bit faster, it started getting closer and closer so I just ran, i didn’t look behind. That’s when I didn’t hear anything, so I looked behind and saw a dog acting weird. I was about to approach it then I remembered skinwalkers can shape shift.

So I continued to walk, I felt like I was getting followed. Then I heard a blood curdling screaming coming from the bushes. I looked up from which way the scream was coming from, I saw 3 vultures circling around where the screaming came from, I smelt a bad stench coming from the bushes as it was starting to storm, it looked dark. I looked through the trees and saw glowing white eyes. And then it disappeared so I forgot about everything and decided to continue walking home. As I got home I went to my room and tried to get some rest, then I heard bush cracking coming from my window. I closed my window and shut my curtain, and tried to get some rest.

I was home alone since my mom went to town with my other family members. After I woke up I went to make myself food since I was hungry and I went to game but then I heard my walls getting scratched and I thought it was a cat and I looked through the window and saw the white glowing eyes again from earlier. And I called the cops. They thought I was crazy or something. It was 10:30 pm at night. Dogs were barking so much, I couldn’t get any rest as if this thing was targeting specifically me. As I was laying down in my room I heard something creeping around my house so I locked every window and shut every curtain closed, I tried to get some rest and forgot about everything that happened my cousin offered to take me shining for deer, I took the offer and as we’re shining we heard leaves rustling we had the rifle locked and loaded we waited for whatever to come out and the leave rustling started to get closer and closer.. We were aiming the gun at where the rustling was coming from. It sounded like it was charging at us… And it was a moose that hit my cousin. He was knocked out conscious as I was driving him home on the boat. I looked at a point on an island and saw the 2 white eyes I’ve been seeing. It’s like it was stalking me?! And once I brought my cousin back to land I called the ambulance, when the ambulance arrived there was only one person who came I found that suspicious but I didn’t think much of it so i went with my cousin and as I’m in the ambulance the driver stopped and looked at me and I noticed his eyes were glowing white so I exited the vehicle and ran off to get help then.. woke up it was all a nightmare?! My sister said “about time u woke up” I was confused.


Rylan Ottertail, age 13

Warnings: None

Title: I’ve been flying for almost thirty hours and the flight attendants won’t stop crying

Thirty hours ago I hopped on a late-night flight from New York heading to Los Angeles. After boarding I saw that I had an entire row to myself. Take off passed without incident, and soon I was stretched out for a nap across the row. I slept for a few hours, I don’t know how long, but I woke up to some severe turbulence. It’s possible that the lights in the cabin went out for a moment, but I was so disoriented that it’s hard to say. I checked my phone to see that it was 4:03 AM, which I figured gave me about an hour until we landed. When I looked out my window, I was shocked to see nothing but a wide open ocean. My jaw dropped; there’s obviously no ocean between New York and Los Angeles. I hit the button to call the flight attendant and spent the next few minutes wracking my brain for a lake that could’ve possibly been big enough to explain what I was seeing. I jumped when the attendant flipped off the light. She was grinning from ear to ear, and tears were pouring down her cheeks. “How can I help you sir?” she asked. “I froze for a moment at her reaction before deciding to just ask my question. “Where are we? Why does it look like we’re flying over an ocean?” She wiped her cheeks to clear the tears, still grinning wildly. “Sir, we’ll be landing in about an hour.” “I, uh, OK, thank you,” I said. After she left I checked the clock on my phone again. 4:03 AM blinked back at me. It hadn’t changed.I had to have been waiting with my call light on for at least five minutes. How was it possible that it hadn’t changed at all? I opened up my laptop and saw it too displayed 4:03 AM. I pulled out my phone, started a stopwatch in the app, and spent the next two hours looking back and forth between the clocks, waiting for them to change. They never did. I tapped the shoulder of an older woman sitting in the row ahead of me. She looked back, an annoyed expression across her face. “Yes?” she asked. “Do you know how long until we land?” I asked. She narrowed her eyes. “That flight attendant said it would be about another hour.” I shook my head in confusion. “That flight attendant? We talked almost two hours ago! We should’ve landed already.” She stared at me as if I was crazy. I was going to continue trying to convince her, but I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun to see a male flight attendant grinning down at me, tears pinging off his cheeks onto my shoulder. “Sir, I’m going to ask you to calm down, or I’ll be calling the Captain.” I told him that wouldn’t be necessary and sat back. He removed his hand and stepped away.The flight attendants continued to stop by every few hours offering meals. My stopwatch continued to tick up and is now telling me that I’ve been on this plane for more than thirty hours. I’ve explored all of coach and tried talking to some of the other passengers, but they’ve all told me that they’re expecting to land in an hour or so. Around three hours ago I tried getting into first class. I made it past the curtain but was escorted back by two grinning flight attendants. Their grip on my arms was like iron. “Sir, the seatbelt sign is on,” one said. “Please remain in your seat with your buckle fastened. We’ll be landing in about an hour.” I’d just about given up hope when a woman came down the aisle dressed in a business suit. She didn’t look at me or slow down, but she dropped a piece of paper onto my tray as she made her way to the bathrooms at the back of the plane. I shot a look around before unrolling it. It said, “Are you stuck too?” I pulled out a pen and wrote “Yes. It’s been thirty hours.” I folded the scrap of paper up and set it on the tray closest to the aisle. She left the bathroom and picked it up as she passed. It’s been twenty minutes since then. I don’t know why, but I don’t think the flight attendants would like it if they knew we were talking.


Pacey Jourdain, grade 5

Warnings: Kidnapping/abduction

Title: The Stalker

There was a haunted hospital in a town beside a city 7 teenagers. Were going to the city but one of the teens got hurt so they. Went to the small town to get to the hospital but there was a stalker waching. The 7 teens when they got to the hospital the docter took one of the teens in. the hospital but the docters were acting werd but one of the teens were missing the stalker kidnaps. The teen when the teen looks outside he was gon and he went in the car he was not there he got a little nervous so. He talks to the teens that one was gon the teens got sad but one was mad he ask one of the teens he should of come. in that he should not be gon but the teen he was trapet in a car than the 6 teens called the cops and when the cops were there  the one of the teens said somebody kidnap my brother the cop said i get him. Back ok but one falld down than the ather teens got nervous but all of the teens got kidnapt the end.


William Ostaff, age 11

Warnings: None

Title: Midnight Alone

Every night, children are woken by sounds in their house, when they know their parents aren’t home. When they explained to their parents they say “There was a ghost in our house last night” but their parents didn’t believe it, they’d always respond with “oh, it’s just a dream, ghosts aren’t real.” No one would believe these children, so every night all of the children in the neighbourhood would have to stay up all night being terrorized, and haunted by these spirits, the children would never be able to sleep again.


Danielle Smith, grade 9

Warnings: blood, gore, murder, abuse, death

Title: Eyes

       It was 8 in the evening on a calm fall day. Richter was bored

with nothing to do. He sat lazily on his recliner watching TV. Beep! His

phone went off. He checked his phone. It was a text message from his

friend Alix. “Hey, buddy”,”I have a favor to ask. Could you go check out a

3 story house for me? I have the front key.” His friend begged. “Why can’t

you do it yourself?” Richter replied. “I know and I’m sorry:( but could you

please check it out, I’m busy.” The sad face isn’t convincing but I don’t

have anything better to do, so I might as well”, Richter thought to himself.

“Alright I’ll check it out tomorrow evening” Richter texted back. “Thank

you, I can drop off the keys tomorrow.” Alix replied. The next day had

arrived. “Thank you for this! I’ll make sure to pay you back!” Alix said

cheerfully as he handed the Keys to Richter. “You better,” Richter said in a

sarcastic tone. Alix began to prance away. “Wait, Alix!” Richter shouted,

sprinting after Alix. “Yeah?” Alix replied with a hint of confusion. “What is

the address? Or where is it exactly?” Richter asked. “Oh I forgot to tell you,

sorry hehe.” If you go down Meine road and then turn onto Will Road, it’s

the first house there. It doesn’t look the nicest on the outside, but I hear

the inside is lovely.” Alix replied cheerfully. “I see, I will check it out later.”

Richter replied with a tired voice. “Again, Thank you so much!” Alix

exclaimed with the usual cheerful tone.

“Yeah, yeah” Richter said in a tired tone. Alix continued to prance away

and Richter went back inside. A few hours had passed and it was about

6:00 in the evening. “I might as well go check out the house now, I have

nothing better to do”, “I don’t think the walk there should be too long, it

should be 15 minutes at most” Richter thought to himself. He took off, and

the walk there was indeed 15 minutes. When he saw the front of the

house his first thought was the house looked abandoned. He wondered if

his friend really wanted to buy this house. “Hopefully he is right, and it looks

much better on the inside.” Richter thought to himself. Richter walked up

to the front door and unlocked it swiftly. He stepped in the front door. The

house wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. When he entered, there

was the main room across the door, and to the left was a stairwell that

goes both up and down, and to the right was a hallway that made

another turn and it was filled with many lovely paintings. Next to the door

was a nightstand with a small lamp on it. He went to turn on the lamp. The

lamp must have been old, it was very dim and looked like it had been

through a lot. He went into the main room and decided to inspect it. The

main room was very large and quite elegant. It was a little dusty, but that

could easily be dealt with. Everything started shaking, the lights had

begun to flicker. “Is this a normal thing?” Richter said to himself in a bit of a

panic. Just as he was about to walk into the hallway, he heard something

moaning. Loudly and lifelessly.

The moaning had continued and it sent chills down Richters spine.

Everything was still shaking. Richter rushed into the main room and

slammed the door. The moaning went on for what seemed like forever. He

never wanted to hear it again, but for some reason, it felt like he almost

recognized that voice. before coming to a stop. He wondered if there

was still someone living here. He walked out of the room, shaking. He was

going upstairs as it’s where it sounded like it was coming from. “Hello, Is

anyone there?” Richter shouted hesitantly. There was only silence.

“Perhaps I was hallucinating, I’ll continue upstairs” He thought to himself..

He walked to the stairwell and went upstairs and as he did the moaning

returned, And that’s when he saw it, what was causing the loud moaning.

There it was. What was causing the moaning. It looked like it was a young

woman about the age of 20. She had no body. Her organs were hanging,

leaving a trail of blood wherever it went. Somehow she was floating, was

she even remotely human? Its mouth was slit and stretched and had

sharp fangs for teeth. Its fangs and eyes were covered in blood giving it

an intimidating look. It had long black hair that flowed behind it. This

creature, whatever it was, looked like someone had torn its head off,

leaving only its organs along with the head. The creature had spotted

Richter and let out an ear piercing screech before speeding toward him.

Richter dashed downstairs and back into the same room he was in

before, and slammed the door shut. He heard another loud screech

before hearing loud Thumps on the door. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was

that creature, trying to get in. The thumping continued for ten minutes

before coming to a sudden stop. The creature must’ve given up and

continued wandering around. Richter knew that if he was caught, he was

certainly going to meet fate. Richter went into a daze. He thought about

the creature. “No it couldn’t have been. She’s dead “”but why did it look

like her…” “No. no it couldn’t have been. I’m just hallucinating.” Richter

got out of his daze and decided to take a more thorough look around the

room. He checked one of the cabinets. Inside was a dusty notebook. He

looked inside. Almost all the pages were scribbled out or torn. He tried to

make out what he could but in the end couldn’t, all but one sentence.

The sentence was barely readable. “Leave, Please, whoever you are,

leave, escape, flee, the curse lies with you now.” It was obvious, but

Richter was terrified at this point. He put the notebook back in the

cabinet. Richter continued his search. He looked around the couch and

looked under the cushions. Under one of the cushions was a mere bottle

of medicine, or what it looked like at least. The bottle was dusty. He

looked closer at the bottle, and realized it wasn’t a bottle of medicine,

but a bottle of cyanide. Someone disguised it by covering it with a

medicine label. He quickly put the bottle down on the table. Richter

moved the couch out of the way to see if there was anything behind it.

When he looked at the wall, there was a bloody eye. It looked realistic,

almost too realistic. Richter had the sudden urge to touch it. He reached

his hand out and gave it a brief touch. The eye turned out to be real.

Richter quickly yanked his hand away. A second later he blacked out.

Suddenly, it seemed like he woke up in a new body gliding along in what

seemed to be the basement, but he wasn’t the one in control. Everything

was blurry. When he blinked he was back in his own body. After a few

seconds of confusion, he realized that it was the creature’s perspective.

The eye he had touched suddenly disappeared. As if it were never there.

Richter had wondered if those eyes were everywhere and if they could

only be used once. Richter knew that the creature was in the basement.

He took this as his opportunity to leave. He ran out of the main room, but

when he got to the front door, it looked like there was a barrier. It looked

like something out of a fantasy movie. It was glowing. When he tried to

touch it, it sent a jolt of pain through his hand. Richter felt himself flinch

and quickly pulled his hand away. Since he couldn’t leave he decided to

run back upstairs to find anything that could help him escape.

Richter dashed upstairs and into the nearest room, which was the

bathroom. The bathroom looked relatively normal for the most part. Then

he turned to the left wall. “Oh you poor unfortunate soul” smeared on the

wall in blood. That sight terrified him. Richter wanted to leave this room

immediately, but he knew he had to look around. Anything would help,

So he did. He checked the mirror compartment. Only able to find old dirty

toothbrushes, and pills of some sort. He took a closer look at the bottle. It

was prescribed to someone named Marc Miles. “ He must’ve been this

house’s previous owner, but what happened to him exactly?” Richter

wondered. He then realized that those notes could have been written by

him. “How long has this creature been here? Could that have killed him?”

Richter questioned. Richter looked in the tub and found a small light blue

pearl resting on a gray rag. He picked it up and as he did it began to

glow. “ You’ve found me” A young girl who seemed about the age of 5

appeared. “Find 14 more and you’ll be free. But Please Hurry!.” The child

looked worried. “Don’t let It catch you or you’ll end up like them, end up

like me…” The girl’s silhouette faded away. “Wait!” RIchter tried to reach

out to the silhouette. Richter didn’t know what to believe, was he

dreaming?. He went along with the little girl’s words. He rushed down the

hallway. While he was going down the hallway, he noticed four paintings

of what seemed to be paintings of the family that may have lived here.

Richter continued down the hallway and went to the nearest room. In the

room were two doors. RIchter assumed that the other door may have led

into the hallway. They looked like a lounge or a workroom. Richter began

exploring the room. He looked in the cabinet. Inside was a folded up

piece of paper. He unfolded the piece of paper and it was a hand drawn

map of the entire house. He was in the lounge. The room was quite

pleasing to look at. Although it was dusty. On the little coffee table

between the two couches was a small storage chest with a lock. Richter

thought that there might be a key somewhere in the room. He looked

around and there was a key. He unlocked it quickly. Inside the chest were

3 pearls. He picked them up and all of them began to glow.

No silhouettes appeared. “ You’re getting there, but you still have quite a

ways to go, don’t you? Three voices said in unison. Richter could hear the

pity in their voice. The pearls faded. Richter took them with him. He

continued looking around in the lounge room. He opened the cabinet

that was beside the table. Inside was a drawing. Richter picked it up and

took a closer look. It was a diagram of the creature. Displayed as a young

woman, with no body, only her internal organs, hanging. With the flow of

blood. “The Krasue ”. The Krasue? “I feel like I’ve heard that before”.

Richter felt as if it were on the tip of his tongue. He knew it was familiar, but

he just couldn’t think of it as a whole. “Krasue… Krasue…. Krasue…..


It had finally come back to him. The Krasue. “I was told the legend of the

Krasue when I was 11.” Richter had a flashback. “Listen up, why don’t ya,

children.” “ Let me tell you the story of Krasue.”Krasue was supposedly a

beautiful young woman, about the age of 20. She was royalty. After her

warriors had lost the war, she was set to marry a powerful siamese

nobleman, But she was in love with someone else, someone of lower

status. One night her and her lover were caught together. The nobleman

was angry at this action. In turn, her and her lover were prepared for

punishment. The princess was sentenced to death by burning alive.

Desperate, she went to an older woman, who performed witchcraft. The

princess asked frantically what she could do to prevent her death. “ Take

this, It’s a potion, before you’re punished, drink it. All of it. Don’t leave a

single drop.” The old woman said. The princess wanted to be skeptical,

but at the same time she didn’t want to die a painful death.” “She took

the potion. The day of her execution came. Just before it was time for her

punishment, she drank the potion. She was tied to a steak.” “It won’t work

anyway, you fools!” The princess exclaimed. The angry citizens of the

village set fire to the steak she was tied to. Fire. It was all she could see.

Fire. Pain. She was being burnt alive. The potion didn’t work, She didn’t

give it enough time, or so she thought. She screamed in pain. She had

lived a sinful life, and now she was going to die, and she knew it. She had

accepted her fate. She fell unconscious.

Decades had passed, or that’s what it felt like. She woke up. How? She

was burnt to the steak, Burnt alive. How was she conscious? Something felt

off. It felt as if she had no body, as if something was hanging, dripping.

Something felt off entirely. She saw it with her own eyes. It was her organs.

Bleeding, dripping. Leaving a trail of blood, wherever she went. Then she

looked down. There it was. Her body, cold and rotting. A large stain of

blood that seemed to have been there for the longest time. How was this

possible? Then she realized, the potion did work, just not entirely. But how

was she still alive? She was only a floating head. Then she realized the old

woman had put a curse on her. It was her time to pay the price for what

she had done. Her voice was distorted. She was no longer human. She

had become a monster. A bloodthirsty demon, cursed with eternal


“So that’s what happened to her.” Richter thought to himself. “Could

there possibly be more to this?” Richter wondered. Another piece Richter

remembered of the “Krasue” is that women who had lived a sinful life

would be forced to pay the price for what they had done. Cursed to

become a monster, The Krasue. Richter continued looking around the

room in hopes he would find something, but he found nothing. Richter

moved some of the furniture in hopes of finding one of those eyes. He

moved the coffee table. Underneath one of the legs was an eye. Richter

was hesitant to touch it, considering what happened last time. He just

wanted to get it over with. He quickly touched it. It was still in the

basement. “The fire… It still burns… It still hurts…” “What the hell was that?”

“ Is that really her?…” “ It looked like her, that thing, it looked just like

her…” “but that’s impossible” She died that night…”

“ If women lived “Sinful lives” does that mean anyone, or rather any

women, could become one?” Richter felt confused. “That story could’ve

only talked about one of them, there could be more…” When I lived in

Thailand when I was a kid, there were always multiple “sightings” of this

creature. “Could that be why so many people had guarded their houses

with barbed fences?” “One I remember in specific, is that after an older

woman died, often known as the Mistress of the Chief, those sightings had

stopped abruptly.” Richter stopped his daze. “I hope that thing isn’t up

here, if it is, I’ll book it.” Richter searched in fear for another eye. To be

caught was the last thing Richter had wanted. Being caught meant

death. Richter walked to the other doors, his hand resting on the

doorknob. He opened the door with hesitation. Outside of the door, there

were a few cabinets. He decided to check quickly. There was only 1 pearl

in one of the drawers. The rest had nothing to be found. Nothing was said,

It only shimmered. Richter continued down the hall. Everything started

rattling. The moaning had returned.

Richter took the moaning as a sign to run. His walking turned into running,

then running into a sprint. At this point he didn’t know what room he was

going into, or what room he would even find. The moaning only grew

louder, as if it were getting closer, every second. Richter made it into a

large room that seemed to split into two smaller rooms. He didn’t know

which one to run into. Not thinking, only wanting to escape, he ran into

the left room and slammed the door. After a few seconds of catching his

breath, the moaning sounded as if it were in the next room. Richter

opened the door slightly. That creature had just passed through. If he had

waited any longer, he certainly would’ve met fate. He watched the

creature glide into the next hallway. “I loved you, you betrayed me…” He

heard in a distorted voice, almost as if it were from the creature. “What is

it talking about?” “Was it directed at someone they had cherished,

before it had died?” Richter had become curious about the creature. “It

can’t be her, can it?” “ No, No I’m just hallucinating, it’s not her, so stop

worrying” Richter thought to himself. Richter became curious about the

room. The room he was in was small and dark. There was a large stairwell

leading to what seemed to be another floor. Richter went up the stairs. He

made it up. There was a podium, with an eye. On the podium, rested a

book. It looked old, alot of the pages were tattered, some were ripped

out. Richter took a closer look at the pages. It was a book of rituals. Often

involved sacrificing something, or someone.

Why was this book in this house? Was there some sort of ritual here?

Richter continued flipping through the pages, eventually he found a small

compartment within the book. It held two pearls. Like the last, they only

glowed, with nothing to be said. He inspected the room further, an eye

was on the wall, hidden behind a painting of some sort. He gave it a brief

touch. That thing was in what seemed to be the basement. Richter went

back down the stairs, and into the room on the left. There was a smaller

room before getting into the larger room. There was nothing in it. Only a

small rustic wooden door awaited. Richter opened the wooden door. It

was fairly creaky. The sight that awaited Richter was horrifying.

It was an occult room. A ritual room. A pentagram was smeared on the

floor, in blood. Five candles around the pentagram were lighting the

room.. The walls were covered in blood. It was terrifying. RIchter suddenly

noticed a terrible stench, like something was rotting. He then looked

closer. It was 3 rotting, dead bodies. They looked as if they hadn’t been

there for very long. One had a steak through that heart, another had

been decapitated, then the last had the worst of it. Theyre organs had

spilled out, Their face was barely recognizable. Its arm laid beside it, it

looked like it had been ripped off. Richter was disgusted at this sight, it was

terrifying. He wanted to throw up, but he kept it in. “Were these a part of

the ritual? Who would even perform something like this? Why… Why….


Richter was afraid to step into the room. He forced himself to step in.

Inside was another door. Except it was boarded up with wooden planks.

But the planks looked thin, as if someone could simply rip it off, even with

bare hands. Richter gave it a try. He attempted to pull as hard as he

could. He got one of them off, but was left with a few painful splinters. “ If

this door was meant to be sealed off, the previous owner didn’t do it very

well. Or was someone meant to find out?” Richter thought to himself.

Richter took a little break before trying to get the second plank off. Richter

felt himself get a little lightheaded from the terrible stench. After a few

seconds he ripped off the thin plank and shoved the door open. This room

was like the other, but there was a bright eerie green glow, at the top of

the room. On the wall were four drawings. It seemed like a young child

had drawn them. It seemed to be a drawing of the family that once lived

here. He thought back to those paintings in the hallway when he was

heading to the lounge. “They must be a family then,” Richter said to

himself. Richter hesitated before going up the stairs. He forced himself to

go up. There was something large. It was sparkling. What was this? Was

this some sort of portal perhaps? He was hesitant about this. Richter didn’t

know what it was. Could going through it kill him? What if it’s a wormhole,

if those even existed. Richter went back down. He decided to quickly

inspect the mainroom, since he didn’t get a chance to. He went back

into the mainroom. There were a few cabinets. He checked all of them.

one of them had a few bags of what seemed to be money. The second

had three pearls in it. He had nine so far. Richter felt like he was so close to

getting out of here, but yet so far.

Richter continued to look around the room. Between the two doors was a

painting. Richter somehow never noticed it. “ I must’ve been too focused

on hiding,” Richter thought to himself. He took a closer look at the

painting. It was eerie. Something felt off about the painting. It was a

painting of some sort of creature. It looked as if it were from a horror

movie, some sort of evil spirit. It seemed to have no lower body. It was

wearing a torn black robe of some sort. It resembled a skeleton. It had

very murky yellow eyes, its teeth were sharp, and some were missing. It

also had a large cranium. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant sight to look at. He

looked at the background. It looked like a hospital or clinic. He took a

closer look at it. He recognized it. “That place… Wasn’t that St John’s

Hospital?” Richter wondered. “It was abandoned more than ten years


Richter went into another daze before lights started flashing and

everything started rattling. “It’s back up here” Richter heard the moaning

return, but it sounded close, too close.

The creature had found him. Richter ran into the occult room and into the

other room. He went up the stairs. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was trying to

get in. The green beam glistened, as if it wanted him to go in. “Even if it

kills me, at least I’ll be free from this hell” Richter stepped in. It felt like he

blacked out. After what felt like forever, he regained consciousness. He

was on the floor, feeling a little sore. He was in another room. The rooms

looked like an old storage room. Where was he? What room was this? It

was a rustic room entirely made out of cement. Richter looked around

and saw a few pearls, glistening in the dim light. There were three of them.

Richter noticed an eye on the wall beside the shelf. He gave it a brief

touch. It was in the basement. It was down here. With him “He just kept

hitting… He didn’t stop…” In a distorted voice “Why didn’t you come?”.

RIchter was petrified. It was her, no doubt at this point. “I kept denying it,

that it was her, it was her, I don’t want to remember that night. That very

fateful night…”

That very night. I forgot about that night, I denied everything. I denied it

was her, even though I knew. I just didn’t want to remember. That night. I

was with her, in the lounge. Her father called her to the basement. “Wait

here, ok?” She seemed scared. Why didn’t I go with her?All this may not

have happened if I went with her. She went to the door, hesitantly. Like

she didn’t want to go down there to see her father. Like something was

going on between them, and it wasn’t a good thing. She closed the door.

I could hear her footsteps, they were slow and hesitant. Eventually I

couldn’t hear them anymore. I waited for twenty minutes, waiting for her

to return upstairs. I had decided to go check on her. When I exited the

room, I heard a scream of bloody murder.

Immediately, I rushed down to the basement. I didn’t know where they

were. I suddenly felt a blow to the head. Everything went dark. I regained

consciousness. I was in a cell of some sort. It was like a prison cell. An old

cement cell. I tried rattling the door. I was locked in. “Stay where you are

boy.” She was always complaining about her father, and she was right. He

was indeed evil. Why didn’t I do anything? There was enough evidence to

convict, and all I did was just sit there and watch her suffer. “WHERE IS

SHE?!?” I was infuriated. I wasn’t thinking. “Don’t worry about her, she’s

fine, although shouldn’t you be more worried about yourself? Look at

where you are. How pathetic.” He sneered, and walked away.“LET ME

OUT OF HERE!” After many minutes of shaking the door and yelling, I gave

I heard more screaming, and more and more… Suddenly the room lit

up and I smelt the stench of smoke. That’s when the screaming was at its

worst. “STOP, PLEASE” She was in clear pain. He was burning her alive.

What kind of person would do such a thing? “RICHTER, HELP PLEASE” She

screamed for my help but I was unable to do anything. I was locked up.

No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to break out. I could only listen to

her screams. Her wails of pain, as she was being burnt alive. “That’s what

you deserve for being a foolish daughter, choosing a fool like that?.” You

were no better then when your mother died!” He truly was the

embodiment of evil. Soon enough, her father caught fire too. Both of

them, being burnt alive, in agony. The fire slowly began to spread. I

thought that I was going to die that night. The smoke became

intoxicating. I felt myself getting lightheaded. I must’ve fainted.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do anything that night. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to

save you.” “Please, let me free.” “No salvation, only hellfire for us now “ a

demonic voice replied. Richter blinked again. He was back in his own

body. “I’m sorry” There was no point in asking to be spared. She was a

vengeful, bloodthirsty demon. The lights stopped flickering. Was it safe to

leave the room? Richter counted the pearls he had, so far he had 12, he

needed three more. RIchter seemed a bit more positive considering how

close he was to getting out. Richter immediately exited the room he was

in, and began looking around in the basement. He walked down the

dungeon corridor. The damage from the fire was still there. The smell of

smoke lingered. Richter wanted to leave. He wanted to forget that night.

He wished that it never happened. Richter forced himself to look around.

He continued down the corridor. One of the cells was open. He went in.

Richter was hesitant about it though. He didn’t want to get locked in. He

looked around the room. He found a pearl in a bowl that was resting on a

rusty metal desk. He looked in the drawers. He found an old heavy key in

the top drawer. Richter wondered what the key was for. He decided to

take it with him. Richter left that cell and continued down the hallway. He

checked another cell that was unlocked. After inspecting it he found

nothing. He was near the end of the corridor. There was one last cell, it

had a lock on it. Richter recognized it immediately. It was the cell that he

had been locked in from many years ago.

Richter stumbled back from the cell and fell. That same traumatizing cell,

from all those years ago. He wanted to leave this mansion of terror, and

never return. At this point, he would do anything to get rid of it. Even as far

as burning it down. Richter sat there for a few minutes staring,

hallucinating. He got up and quickly unlocked the cell. He wanted to get

out of there quickly. He inspected the room and there it was. The last two

pearls that he needed. He could finally leave. He immediately picked

them up. They began to glow in his hand.Richter took it as his sign to flee.

He looked around the cell for an eye, if there was one. Luckily he found it.

He gave it a brief touch. It was on the top floor. He had time to get to the

main floor. Richter ran without another thought. The only thought he had

was to flee, to leave. He made it up to the main floor. There was the door.

The barrier was gone. RIchter was running to the door before the creature

had turned the corner. Richter stopped dead in his tracks. It saw him. It

stopped for a few seconds then let out an ear piercing screech, before

charging at Richter. Richter continued to dash to the door, and he made

He quickly turned the handle, and he was out the door. Richter

slammed the door behind him. Thump Thump, Thump It was trying to get

out, it let out a loud roar. Richter ran home without stopping. After running

for what seemed like forever, he finally made it back home.

It was late. Almost one in the morning, as he checked his phone. Beep! It

was a notification from Alix. RIcter checked the message “ So you made it

back eh?” “ I just got back, ” Richter replied. “ Why were you gone for so

long??” Alix asked.” Something was off about that house. “ Something

was in there.”Why, what happened??”She’s after me… I can feel it”

“RIchter! Tell me what’s going on!” Crackle. Flicker. The lights began to

flash and flicker. Everything began to tremble. Thump Thump, Thump…

She’s here.

(the end)