Nibi Declaration and Video for World Water Day

World Water Day, is an opportunity to recognize the importance of water and provide opportunities to inspire people to learn more about our sacred relationship with water.

This sacred relationship and responsibility to water is reflected in the Grand Council of Treaty #3’s (GCT3’s) Nibi (Water) Declaration. The Declaration provides teachings and principles to help understand and fulfill our responsibilities to honouring and respecting nibi in the Treaty #3 area. 

The Nibi Declaration was unanimously supported by the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 Chiefs-in-Assembly and was developed by the Women’s Council, the Territorial Planning Unit (TPU) and the Decolonizing Water research team, with the support of elders and knowledge holders. The Nibi Declaration builds on existing knowledge sources and teachings on water shared by Treaty #3 communities through engagement, regional and national forums, and ceremonies. The Declaration reflects critical Anishinaabe legal principles (Anishinaabe Nibi Inaakonigewin) and guides water initiatives in Treaty #3 such as watershed management planning and water governance.

“The recognition of the Nibi Declaration by the Nation has provided a significant tool in reaffirming governance processes and providing a teaching tool for all people and nations on how to fulfill our responsibilities to the water through the respect and recognition of the spirit and personhood of nibi.” says Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh.

The Nibi Declaration Toolkit provides more information about the Declaration, its development, and ideas as to how people can help put actions in place to honour and respect nibi.

Please click here for a video containing interviews with GCT3 Women’s Council and Decolonizing Water research team members discussing the development of the Nibi Declaration.


Media Contacts:
Lucas King