Launch of the Nibi Portal

The Treaty #3 Women’s Council in partnership with the Grand Council Treaty #3 Territorial Planning Unit are pleased to announce the official launch of the Treaty #3 Nibi Portal. Through guidance from the Treaty #3 Women’s council, knowledge keepers and technicians this online space was created in order to share teachings, experiences and responsibilities in relation to Nibi. Based on the values of the Nibi Declaration, the Nibi Portal is a continuation of the work that we must strive to do to preserve, protect and respect all Nibi. The space will be ever evolving with additions of videos, teachings, and support for the Nibi Declaration that can continue to guide decision making and our relationships to Nibi.

“We, Gaagiidoo-Ikwewag, Treaty #3 Women’s Council, are so excited to announce the launch of the Nibi Portal at the Territorial Planning Unit at Grand Council Treaty # 3. This portal is a new innovative and creative way to search and find local information about Nibi. As Anishinaabekwe, we have a sacred responsibility and authority for Nibi. Nibi is sacred and essential and this portal will capture many of the sacred teachings, songs, stories, legends, lesson plans, artifacts, and observations our people in this territory have about Nibi. We are proud to be part of this journey, to announce this launch, and see the Nibi portal become a reality. On behalf of the GCT#3, Women’s Council, the technicians are to be commended for implementing our vision for this portal.” – Priscilla Simard of Gaagiidoo-Ikwewag

On the Nibi Portal, you will find spaces provided for sharing and learning of experiences and relationships with Nibi, teachings, and educational resources that share the importance of Nibi, and art in various modes from the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3. There are also opportunities within the Nibi Portal that provide connections with others around the world who share like-minded ideals and beliefs about Nibi.

“Anishinaabekwe have a sacred relationship with Nibi and our Treaty #3 Women’s Council have continued to be leaders in fulfilling this responsibility,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh. “I am excited for the release of the Nibi Portal to continue to showcase the work of our Nation in relationship to Nibi. The opportunity to share this knowledge and understanding with everyone across the world and across generations will ensure we continue to protect Nibi for the future”

It is our hope, as Grand Council Treaty #3, that the Nibi Portal supports your sacred, and personal connection and relationship with Nibi and inspires you to continue on this journey with us as we fulfill our responsibilities to Nibi.

The Territorial Planning Unit would also like to acknowledge Decolonizing Water for their support, contributions and on-going implementation of the Nibi Declaration.


To access and learn more about the Nibi portal, you can find it here:
For more information, please contact Lucas King, Director, Territorial Planning Unit at

PDF – February 14, 2023 – Launch of the Nibi Portal