Call for Nominations from the Citizens of Grand Council Treaty #3 for the Leadership Role of Ka Nigaanibowe’t/ Ka Nigaanibowiik for Abinoojii Inakonigewin

Summary of Role

Ka Niigaanibowe’t/Ka Niigaanibowiik is the leader/protector of Abinoojii Inakonigewin, which is commonly known as the child care law in Treaty no. 3. Their role is to protect, safeguard and provide Anishinaabe interpretation of the Law, of its meaning and applications, while being cognizant of cultural differences amongst the communities. Their role is to ensure the optimum quality of all Abinoojii Inakonigewin service systems. The Ka Niigaanibowe’t/Ka Niigaanibowiik will be the representative of the Nation in any proceeding respecting a child in other jurisdictions and will be responsible to ensure the Ombikiasowin Protectorate establishes and maintains agreements with other jurisdictions for harmonizing the administration of laws. The Ka Niigaanibowe’t/Ka Niigaanibowiik will report to the Ogichidaa and the National Assembly.

Qualifications for the Office of the Ka Niigaanibowe’t/Ka Niigaanibowiik

  • Be an Anishinaabe and possess the ability to speak Anishinaabemowin fluently
  • Have knowledge of and be guided by the principles of Giizhaawatiziwin: Kindness and Giving
  • Lead a lifestyle appropriate and conducive to this role including the possession and understanding of Miinigoziwin and Gi gii’izhi zhaawendaagozimin
  • Understand and possess Traditional knowledge of Anishinaabe cultural and healing approaches
  • Understand and acceptance of Traditional family systems and structures and child-rearing practices
  • Excellent communication, advocacy, negotiation and social interaction skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Abinoojii Inakonigewin as well as knowledge and experience with all levels of Government, First Nations, Ontario and Manitoba Child Welfare systems including, but not limited to, customary codes, laws, regulations and directives
  • Understanding of Anishinaabe Sacred and Customary laws including Customary and Custom Adoption as well as Customary Care and Traditional protection systems
  • Possessing a college, undergraduate or graduate degree or a combination of work and community experience, is a definite asset


Four-year term and may be reaffirmed at will of the National Assembly


To commensurate with qualifications

Process for Appointment

Nominations will be vetted through the Giigittaziiminanig (Grandmothers and Grandfathers) and then through the Social Chiefs then the 28 Chiefs of Grand Council Treaty No.3 and finally to the Ogichidaa and the National Assembly following Traditional Protocols

Deadline for Nominations

4:30 pm on January 7, 2022. Late nominations will not be accepted.


Grand Council Treaty No. 3 East Highway Kenora Office
Jordan Bertagnolli, Social Policy Analyst
P.O. Box 1720, Kenora Ontario, P9N 3X7
Office: 807-548-4214 ext. 535/Toll Free: 1-800-665-3384/Fax: 807-548-5041

All nominated candidates must provide a clear Vulnerable Sector Check and Driver’s Abstract

Miigwetch to all the citizens of Grand Council Treaty No 3 who submit nominations. Only those who successfully negotiate the vetting process will be contacted for further information, follow up and interview.


PDF – Call for Nominations for Ka Niigaanibowe’tKa Niigaanibowiik