Update on the Federal Indian Day School Class Action-Claims Process Now Open

Received January 14 2020. From Vanessa Lessard, Law Clerk of Gowling WLG.

For information regarding the Class Action-Claims Process Vanessa Lessard can be reached at 1 613 233 1781 ex 57447.

Gowling WLG can also provide assistance to anyone filling out the related forms and can be contacted by phone at 1 844 539 3815 or by email at Vanessa.Lessard@gowlingwlg.com.

It is no longer mandatory to register via registration forms since the Claims process has started. It is recommended that individuals fill out the Claim form instead.

Day School Information:


Day School Information Forms:


Individuals are reminded that to be eligible for this compensation Survivor Class Members must have attended one of the identified Day Schools listed on Schedule K.

For more information or assistance with registering please contact the IRS staff of GCT#3:
Donald Kelly | 807 464 1261 | Donald.kelly@treaty3.ca
Larry Henry RHSW | 807 464 4638 | Larry.henry@Treaty3.ca
Delores Kelly Cultural Coordinator/Manager | 807 464 0037 | Delores.kelly@treaty3.ca