Treaty #3 Remains Committed to the Inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge in Ontario Curriculum

Kenora, ON – The Ministry of Education’s unilateral decision to cancel the curriculum revisions on Indigenous content and Indigenous languages – despite its previous commitment to implementing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) – is a significant step backwards and hinders the momentum of true reconciliation.

The ability to collaborate on the inclusion of Indigenous content in all curriculum was a promising undertaking which reflected the true intent of Treaty #3’s right to education – the reciprocal education of all. Grand Council Treaty #3 has been working diligently with Ontario’s Ministry of Education on improving education based on a mutual respect for traditional knowledge.

Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh stated: “the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge and language would not only benefit Treaty #3 members, but would strengthen relationships and further understanding with our Treaty partners. That was what our ancestors had intended in ensuring the protection of our languages and ways; the Treaty right to Education.”

Treaty #3 remains committed to working with the Ministry of Education on the implementation of the TRC recommendations and will continue to advocate for the continuation of its previous initiatives. The leadership of Treaty #3 call on Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Education Lisa Thompson to resume the curriculum revisions as planned and welcome the opportunity for continued collaborations on the implementation of the TRC recommendations in Education.


For more information, please contact:
Janine Seymour, Political Advisor
Grand Council Treaty #3