Treaty #3 Nuclear 101 Guidebook

Grand Council Treaty #3 and the Territorial Planning Unit, in partnership with Treaty #3 Communities, Knowledge Keepers and Narratives Inc., have developed the Treaty #3 Nuclear 101 Guidebook. In 2020, the Treaty #3 Chiefs in Assembly mandated the Territorial Planning Unit to work with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization in relation to the Adaptive Phased Management project. This mandate led the TPU to develop necessary tools in education and understanding in relation to Nuclear Energy as a whole to ensure the respect and implementation of Manito Aki Inakonigaawin.

The Nuclear 101 Guidebook was created to help guide decision making and support Manito Aki Inakonigaawin on future projects. The guidebook was created through the harmonization of western science, traditional teachings and the principles found throughout Manito Aki Inakonigaawin and the Treaty #3 Nibi Declaration. The Guidebook is intended for all people in the Treaty #3 Territory looking to explore their relationship to the land and water while learning about Nuclear Energy.

The seven chapters correspond to the seven sacred teachings. Each chapter provides information, reflection questions and QR codes that link to interviews and videos of Treaty #3 Knowledge Keepers.

“As caretakers of the land in Treaty #3 Territory it is important we care for and protect all of creation. Our Great Earth Law, Manito Aki Inakonigaawin, speaks to these responsibilities,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh. “These responsibilities include sharing knowledge and teachings as they relate to the land and waters in the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3. The Nuclear 101 Guide is an important tool for all as we continue to understand the ever evolving energy sector.”

It is the hope of the Territorial Planning Unit that through the Nuclear 101 Guide, everyone in the Treaty #3 Territory can have the opportunity to learn about nuclear energy and relationships with the land and water from our Treaty #3 Knowledge keepers through Anishinaabe Knowledge systems and worldview.

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PDF – Media Release – April 6, 2022 – Treaty #3 Nuclear 101 Guidebook