Our Nation’s Students – Learning and Transforming the Future

As our Nation’s children head back to elementary and secondary school tomorrow, I would like to extend our thanks to our educators, our parents and our communities in preparing the children and youth for the 2018-2019 school year. I applaud our Nation’s post secondary students who have enrolled in apprenticeships, college and university programs to further their learning, many of whom have left the community to travel to urban centres and are living away from family for the first time.

I want to commend the hard work by Bimose Tribal Council and Kiizhik School staff in establishing the Anishinaabe Immersion school. For years our parents, leaders and elders have envisioned a school that empowered our language, our culture and language. I am pleased that Kiizhik School will be expanding to include an early learning centre. Across the territory our First Nation’s schools have been preparing for the school year; recruiting and orienting new teachers, purchasing curriculum resources and preparing locally relevant curriculum for their students. I want to acknowledge their commitment to their community schools and all the work they do throughout the year to support community and parental involvement; student learning and well being.

Our Nation acknowledges that the residential and day school experiences of many of our citizens which has significantly impacted our communities. Schools and post secondary institutions have a role in teaching about Residential School history, about our treaties, and acknowledging our achievements as Indigenous peoples and empowering the path of reconciliation. Our children and our youth will transform the future if we provide them with the tools for learning and the support.


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Janine Seymour
Political Advisor