Grand Council Treaty #3 Selects Inaugural LGBTQ2S+ Council

Grassy Narrows — Mizi’we Aana Kwat! The clouds opened up in Grassy Narrows on November 6 during the Traditional Selection Process of selecting the FIRST ever LGBTQ2S+ Council.

The Traditional Selection Process was supported by guest Two-Spirited elder Gayle Pruden and community Elders Kathy Fobister and Archie Hyacinthe. The Grassy Narrows Women’s Drum group were there as well to offer their support, which set a new precedent of a Women’s drum group inaugurating the LGBTQ2S+ Council.

The morning was spent listening to the drum and the story of how Grassy Narrows got their Roundhouse. The energy of the Roundhouse was buzzing as everyone felt this spiritual energy of what was taking place. One of the drummers reminded those gathered that the drum is powerful and that we awakened the ancestors. It was said that this gathering was long overdue to acknowledge the Two-Spirited aspect of Anishinaabe culture.

The feeling was over joyous and serene and by late-afternoon the new LGBTQ2S+ Council had been established.

“This is a beautiful day for the selection of council members to be chosen to sit on the first ever LGBTQ2S panel,” said Chief Randy Fobister, Grassy Narrows. “Representation in all areas is very important in governance structure. All voices must be heard and everyone needs to be respected and recognized.  On behalf of the community of Grassy Narrows, we are very honoured to host the first selection of council members to represent the LGBTQ2S community. This is a historical event in Treaty 3 Territory.”

“I am so proud of what our people accomplished by coming together here to select this council,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh. “It was amazing to see the unanimous support from our leadership last September to create this council. It was made clear to me that some people do not find themselves within the category of elder, youth, women, or men that are represented by the other councils. As Ogichidaa of the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 I have always felt it was my duty to make sure every citizen of the nation has a place in our discussions. I look forward to learning more from the advice this council will provide to our leadership.”

Grand Council Treaty #3 is pleased to announce the new Traditional LGBTQ2S+ Council:

Left to right: Shayla Hourie (Naongashiing), Dee Jourdain (Couchiching), Kieran Davis (Lac Seul) and Melody McKiver (Lac Seul)


For more information please contact: Waawaate Fobister, 807-548-4214 or

PDF – November 10, 2021 – Grand Council Treaty #3 Selects Inaugural LGBTQ2S+ Council