Grand Council Treaty #3 Congratulates Chief Darlene Comegan on Successful Re-Election

Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh and Grand Council Treaty #3 congratulates Chief Darlene Comegan on her re-election to a second term in Northwest Angle #33 this past Wednesday.

“Chief Comegan has been an invaluable participant in many Treaty #3 meetings and initiatives,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh. “The unique challenges facing her community have been brought to the attention of governments and partners through Chief Comegan’s work and advocacy. By quickly overcoming the steep learning curve experienced by all new leadership – and made greater by the challenges of a global pandemic – I trust that Chief Comegan will see continued progress in advocating for the benefit of the community of Northwest Angle #33 throughout her second term.

Chief Comegan will continue to participate in the Economic Chiefs Committee at Grand Council Treaty #3 and will press forward on issues such as broadband connectivity, commercial fisheries, housing, and resource revenue sharing. On the issue of broadband connectivity, Chief Comegan has been a relentless advocate on the challenges of the lack of connectivity experienced by Treaty #3 communities that has proven critical in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Northwest Angle #33 is located on Lake of the Woods, with two community sites – one of which is island-based requiring travel to the United States to connect with the rest of Canada. The total registered population of Northwest Angle #33 is 466 of which about 200 live on-reserve.


For more information please contact: Daniel Morriseau, Political Advisor – Grand Council Treaty #3 (807) 464-2647 or by email