Grand Council Treaty #3 assists their First Nations

In response to the Anishinaabe Nation of Treaty #3 declaration of a climate emergency and the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the Territorial Planning Unit (TPU) staff continue to look for ways to support communities both through environmental and climate change plans and emergency management planning. The TPU plans to support Treaty #3 Communities dealing with environmental disasters, emergency management plans and greenhouse gas emission mitigation, through the climate change program coordinator and recently hired emergency management coordinators. Three emergency management coordinators were hired throughout the Treaty #3 Territory, to provide additional support where requested to all Treaty #3 communities.

Grand Council Treaty #3 has purchased generators and defibrillators for distribution to each community through funding provided by ISC. This past week Grand Council Treaty #3 has assisted Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation and Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation in picking up generators for their community. The generators will be used by the communities’ security teams, which have been set in place by leadership in order to protect their community members during the COVID19 crisis. The generators will then belong to the First Nation to be used to provide temporary means of electricity to their Elders and/or their community’s safe center during extended power outages.

Wauzhushk Onigum Security Checkpoint
Chief Rudy Turtle picking up generator for Grassy Narrows

Also in response to the October 3rd 2019 declaration of a climate emergency, the resolution involved the development of a Treaty #3 wide recycling program and emissions reduction project. The Territorial Planning Unit will work to assist their First Nations in building technical capacity, and establishing and maintaining a recycling program.

Alongside the defibrillators and generators, the TPU has business size recycling bins available for pick up by participating First Nations. For information on any of the resources or to set up a time for pick up please contact the Territorial Planning Unit.


Contact Info:
Geneva Kejick Climate Change Program Coordinator
Cell: 1-204-430-1994