Grand Council Treaty #3 Grand Chief Kavanaugh Calls out Police after Death of Grassy Narrows Man currently under Investigation by the SIU

Kenora, ON — Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh, Grand Chief of Grand Council Treaty #3 sends condolences to the family and Grassy Narrows First Nation after the tragic death of a Grassy Narrows man after he was arrested and held by the Kenora OPP.

“My condolences to the family and the community of Grassy Narrows.  Though the death is under investigation by the SIU, it is our hope that the OPP officers involved in the arrest aren’t responsible for his death,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh.  “Police are not above the law, nor are they jury and executioner.”

The province’s police watchdog the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a man in Kenora, where he was transported to hospital for treatment, and subsequently passed away.

“This is a very serious matter and we won’t stop talking about it until something substantial is done to address the systemic racism, the barriers and biases that exist within the police services,” said Chief Rudy Turtle of Grassy Narrows First Nation. SIU has been in contact with Chief Rudy Turtle and he is anxiously waiting their preliminary report.

GCT#3 and Grassy Narrows continue to monitor the situation until the SIU release their findings and  answers are uncovered. “All of our GCT#3 citizens are important to us.




For more information please contact:
Janine Seymour
B.A., J.D., LL.M, Political Advisor to Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh
807.464.1261 (cell)

Grand Council Treaty #3’s overall goal is the protection, preservation and enhancement of Inherent and Treaty Rights. Grand Council Treaty #3 is 55,000 sq. miles spanning from west of Thunder Bay to north of Sioux Lookout, along the international border, to the province of Manitoba. It is made up of 28 First Nation communities, with a total population of approximately 25,000.